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Leadership and Training Centre

Leadership and Training Centre

Other Courses


The LTC hosts a wide range of courses from local and national providers.


At the heart of the work #TeamADL deliver is the vision of ‘everyone thriving in education, employment & life’.  To that end #TeamADL - a multiagency national team delivers support services and a range of resources to enhance:

  • High quality teaching
  • Provision for the most vulnerable
  • Effective leadership and management

Specific flagship services include:

  • SEND Professional Learning Community for SENCOs #SENDplc
  • New to SENCO
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Effective use and leadership of computing using Purple Mash (for Primary colleagues)
  • Women & BAME in Educational Leadership
  • SEND Provision Reviews – harnessing consistent quality of provision in settings through the what works agenda
  • Coaching for professional and organisational growth / impact
  • Refining the SEND Paperwork, so resources & monitoring shifts from bureaucracy to impact
  • Multi-Academy Trust Leadership of SEND
  • Support staff deployment and development
  • Curriculum development and assessment
  • Unpacking the four areas of special educational need
  • Initial Teacher Training and Early Career Framework Support
  • SEND Careers – enabling young people to engage, enter and progress in the workplace

Website: T: @SEND_Leaders